Freedomsoft 4

By now, you’ve heard the hype around Freedomsoft – but is it really worth  it?  Read on to find out the latest review for the new Freedomsoft 4 system from Preston Ely.


Real Estate investing is responsible for creating more millionaires than any other tool on the planet- however it can be a bit overwhelming trying to go at it alone without the proper systems in place.

You need Real systems for automating the entire buying and selling process that can also assist with analyzing the deal to eliminate the emotions for trying to determine a good deal.

And that’s exactly what Freedomsoft does.

This is your one stop for…

  • Locating private money
  • Getting leads off the internet
  • Getting Foreclosure leads
  • Having your own website that generates buyers and sellers for you 24/7
  • The latest software to help manage your business and your deals
  • Getting comps for determining value
  • Some of the most advanced education for being able to jumpstart your business even if you’re green as grass.

People have already had major success with Freedomsoft – just listen to this from a user

Here’s What’s In It For You when you become a member –

style2Mobile Management for all your buyers, sellers and lenders in their secured system

style2 3 Steps To Launching your Website.  No technical nohow needed –

style2  Super Easy Website Editor – if you can point and click – you can do it.

style2 Daily Seller Leads – never worry about finding leads as this will give you a daily supply of red hot motivated sellers.

style2 Built in Autoresponder Email System for communicating with your leads

style2 Simple contract generator to make sure you get your forms done right the first time!

style2 Facebook Integration so you can connect Freedomsoft to your Facebook profiles to build a massive list of buyers.

style2 Outsourcing of your short sales

style2 Plus a Whole Lot More.

The one thing I love about this new platform is the 30 Second Syndication for all your properties.

Freedomsoft 4

Freedomsoft 4 Syndication Feature

This will allow you to instantly post all your deals across the web to different sharing sites including

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Trulia
  • Front Door
  • Craigslist
  • Zillow
  • Twitter
  • Backpage
  • And Many More

This will save you hundreds of dollars every month from outsources to assistants having to do this manually.

Using Freedomsoft 4, you will not need to have any tech knowledge, sink hours of time trying to figure it all out, you don’t have to be an expert or anything like that, or risk any money.

These guys will show you and give you the tools from A to Z from finding the deals to selling the deals.

The fact is there’s never been a better opportunity than now to start investing in real estate and never been a better opportunity to join Freedomsoft 4.

To get started with the Free Trial, simply click the button you see below –


I would love to hear if you have questions or comments or any experience you may have had with the Freedomsoft system.

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